Garlic and chorizo mushrooms with turkey, Mexican rice and rocket

   This quick little recipe is so tasty and perfect for when you’re in a rush! It’s pretty low carb so great for days where you haven’t managed to fit in a workout or if you just need some light fuel before you head to the gym 💪🏼


-Ready cooked turkey

-Microwaveable rice (I use Uncle Benn’s mexican style)



-Fresh garlic or garlic powder

-Salt and pepper

-Coconut oil (or any cooking oil)

-Rocket (or any salad leaves of your choice)

-Balsamic vinegar


1) heat up your oil on a medium heat in a small frying pan. Whilst you’re waiting for the oil to warm up, chop up a handful of mushrooms and slice up about an inch long portion of chorizo. If you’re using fresh garlic, chop up a clove of this now too.

2) pop all of this into your pan, and keep an eye on it, stirring it now and again while you’re preparing the other bits.

3) open your uncle Benns and use half a pack per person, pop it in a little bowl and microwave on high for one minute.

4) while this is heating up, pop a handful of rocket on your plate and drizzle with a little bit of balsamic vinegar. Pop a couple of slices of cooked turkey on there as well.

5) by the time you’ve done this, your rice will be done, whack that on the plate too and go back to your mushrooms, which by now should be cooked and nicely coated in juices from the garlic and chorizo.

6) add salt and pepper to taste, then transfer the pan’s contents to your plate.

And that’s it! Quickest lunch ever ready to go ☺


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