Bacon and Egg avo toast

A bunch classic just as good as you’d get it in any café, from the comfort of your own home! Gives you all the energy you need to start the day off right.

Serves 1


-Two eggs

-A splash of vinegar/white wine vinegar

-Two rashers of bacon

-Half an avocado (very ripe is easiest to spread)

-Two slices of bread (I used a spelt loaf)

-A handful of rocket

-Four cherry tomatoes

-A splash of balsamic vinegar

-A teaspoon of coconut oil



  1. Use a small frying pan and heat up your oil, then pop in your bacon and fry on a medium heat. Then pop the kettle on ready for your eggs
  2. Meanwhile, slice your bread (if it isn’t pre-sliced) and put it on your plate.
  3. Grab your avocado half and spread it evenly over the two slices of toast.
  4. By now, the kettle should be done, fill a small saucepan around 3/4 of the way up and add a splash of vinegar/white wine vinegar (whichever you have in).
  5. When the water is as a rolling boil (big bubbles) use a big spoon and stir the water until you create a ‘whirlpool’ motion in the water. Crack the eggs straight into the middle of the whirlpool. Pop a timer on for two minutes for the eggs.
  6. Check your bacon and give it a turn over
  7. Grab a handful of rocket and put on top of your bread, then throw your tomatoes on top.
  8. Get your bacon out of the pan and put on top of the nest of rocket
  9. Finish off the pile with your eggs (making sure you drain all the water off them first)
  10. Top with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and your brunch feast is ready to eat!bacon

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