Eggy potato brunch with a side salad

This one is a great take on classic scrambled egg with lots of tasty extra bits, including new potatoes to stodge it out and keep you fuller for longer!

brunch.pngServes 1


-3 New potatoes

-2 eggs

-2 inch long section of chorizo

-A handful of mushrooms

-A handful of spinach

-salt and pepper

-a handful of rocket

-a few cherry tomatoes

-a squeeze of mayo/salad cream (any salad dressing of your choice)

-spoonful of coconut oil


  1. Grab a chopping board and cut your potatoes into small chunks. Also slice up your mushrooms and chorizo into small strips.
  2. Pop a spoonful of coconut oil into a medium saucepan, when hot, add all your chopped ingredients and stir until the potato starts to brown on the outside.
  3. Crack your eggs straight into the pan on top of your other bits and stir continuously until mostly solidified, this should only take a minute or two
  4. When the egg is nearly cooked, add your handful of spinach and salt and pepper to taste.
  5. When the spinach starts to wilt remove from the pan and pop on a plate.
  6. add a handful of rocket and a couple of tomatoes on the side and drizzle with a little mayo (or a different salad dressing of your choice)

Happy brunching!


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