Peanut butter and banana toast

This one is for those mornings where you’re just craving something sweet. It’s full of healthy fats and carbs so will set you up with lots of energy for the day and will certainly keep you full till lunch time.

Serves 1


-Two slices of bread (I used a spelt loaf)

-a tablespoon of peanut butter (or any nut butter of your choice)

-One banana

-A teaspoon of honey

-A teaspoon of mixed spice

-A handful of raisins or currents


1) Pop your bread in the toaster or unde the grill for a couple minutes to get it nice and warm. While you’re waiting for it to toast, slice your banana up into sections around 5cm thick.

2) When the toast is done, spread on your peanut butter and place the banana pieces on top.

3) Then, drizzle on your honey and lightly dust your mixed spice all over.

4) Finish by scattering the currents on top and dig in!


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