Omelette Pizza

This food hybrid is perfect for anyone trying to avoid carbs. Whether that’s because you have an intolerance or you’re just not going to be very active today. This healthy alternative will curb those pizza cravings without any of the guilt!


-2 eggs

-1/4 tin of chopped tomatoes OR passata

-A handful of grated cheese (I used parmesan)

-A teaspoon of Italian herbs

-A pinch of salt and pepper

-A tablespoon coconut oil


-use any of your favourite pizza toppings, I used diced onions, mushroom and chorizo.


  1. Whisk the eggs in a bowl until combined. Heat the oil in a large frying pan on a medium heat and then pour in the whisked eggs to form a base.
  2. Once the bottom of the omelette looks cooked (will only take a couple of minutes), stick your grill on a high setting and pop the pan under the grill until the top of the omelette is cooked. Remember, if the handle of your pan is plastic leave this sticking out of the grill so it doesn’t melt.
  3. Take your Omelette out of the grill and spread the chopped tomato on top. Sprinkle with the Italian herbs, then add your chosen toppings.
  4. Finish with the grated cheese and a pinch of salt and pepper. Return to the grill for a few minutes until the cheese has melted on top.
  5. Slip the omelette out of the pan and onto a plate, using a fish slice makes it slightly easier.



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