Hi everyone! I started my Instagram page @nutrition_kitchen_ in summer 2016 with the hopes that logging my food in photo form will keep me on track with my healthy eating. It turns out that not only has it done that, its also given me a love for creating new and inventive recipes on a student budget. I’ve loved creating new recipes and meal ideas on the spot and seeing how they come out, and after lots of successful, yummy meals, I’m now¬†hoping to share these recipes with you guys too!

The build up will probably be slow so be patient with me, and please let me know what you think and give lots of feed back on them all.

I’m a great believer in enjoying food and thinking of it as fuel for your body. So many foods has been shone in such a negative light for years now, with so many people, including myself,¬†being lead to believe that the less you eat, the skinnier you’ll be. Carbs and fats have been labelled as ‘no go’s’, and we’ve been told that yummy treats are forbidden if you want that flat belly. This is a load of rubbish of course, a healthy balance of food types is the best way to give your body everything it need to function properly.

So here’s to enjoying food and keeping yourself fit and healthy without cutting out all the foods you love or breaking the bank.

happy cooking!