Egg white omelette

If you’re up for going SUPER healthy, this breakfast is the one for you. Packed of protein and nutritious veg, it’s probably the cleanest way you can start the day! Ingredients: -Two eggs -A handful of spinach -A few sprigs of asparagus -A handful of mushrooms -Two cherry tomatoes -A pinch of salt and pepper … More Egg white omelette

Sweet porridge

For this of you, like me, who have a major sweet tooth, you’ll know that the craving for chocolate and naughty treats can start the MOMENT you wake up. This breakfast option is the perfect way to fully satisfy these cravings whilst keeping it healthy and lean. Plus, this breakfast is proper fuel food and will keep … More Sweet porridge

Omelette Pizza

This food hybrid is perfect for anyone trying to avoid carbs. Whether that’s because you have an intolerance or you’re just not going to be very active today. This healthy alternative will curb those pizza cravings without any of the guilt! Ingredients: -2 eggs -1/4 tin of chopped tomatoes OR passata -A handful of grated cheese … More Omelette Pizza

Sweet Greek yoghurt

This ones not so much of a recipe as more of a food inspiration post. It’s really, really simple and its the perfect healthy snack for when you’re craving something sweet 🙂 Ingredients: -A handful of any fruit of your choice -About 5 tablespoons of Greek yoghurt -A tablespoon of honey -A teaspoon cinnamon Method: Bang … More Sweet Greek yoghurt

Poached egg on a mushroom, sundried tomato and greens nest

Serves 1 This breakfast dish is so full of flavour, perfect for those mornings where you just want  to start your day with something a bit more exciting! Ingredients: -Two eggs -A splash of vinegar or white whine vinegar -A handful of rocket -A handful of spinach -Three sundried tomatoes -A teaspoon balsamic vinegar -A … More Poached egg on a mushroom, sundried tomato and greens nest